Benjamin Klein was born in Chicago and grew up in Montreal.
He lives and works in Montreal.

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MFA Studio Art University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

BFA Studio Art Concordia University w/ Great Distinction, Montreal, Quebec

BA English Literature Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

Solo Exhibitions

Art Toronto
Solo Booth
Toronto, Ontario

Galerie Joyce Yahouda and Galerie McClure
Montreal, Quebec

Nocturne (MFA thesis solo show)
Boardinghouse Gallery
Guelph, Ontario

Selected Group Exhibitions

The Domain Beyond the Territory
Galerie Pierre-Francois Ouellette

Art Toronto
Galerie Joyce Yahouda
Group exhibition
Toronto, Ontario

Exposition de groupe

Galerie Michel Guimont
Quebec City, Quebec

Tenirs les murs

Galerie Joyce Yahouda
Montreal, Quebec

Sightings 17: The Time Of The Work

Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery
Montreal, Quebec

Back to the Future II

Galerie Joyce Yahouda
Montreal, Quebec

Space Womb Gallery,
Lower East Side, New York

In The Outfield
Olga Korper Gallery
Toronto, Ontario

Choi & Lager Gallery
Cologne, Germany

Union Gallery, London Art Fair
London, U.K.

Union Gallery
London, U.K.

No Horizons
L.A. Predestrians, Los Angeles Art Platform 2011, CO/LAB section
Los Angeles, California

RBC National Painting Competition (semi-finalist)
Power Plant, Toronto, Ontario; Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg, Ontario; Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.

Peinture Extreme
Galerie Joyce Yahouda
Montreal, Quebec

Pan! Peinture!
Galerie 36
Quebec, Quebec

Ghosts of Things That Are
Lambton Gallery
Sarnia, Ontario

Peinture Fraiche
Galerie Art Mur
Montreal, Quebec

Beauty is Hard to Define and Power is Elusive
Galerie Lafabriq
Montreal, Quebec

Monsters and Madmen
Bumper Gallery
Montreal, Quebec

Galerie Division Curated Exhibitions:

“Peinture Extreme”: Kim Dorland, Andre Ethier, Martin Golland, Mathieu Lefevre, Allison Schulnik.  June 12th – 14th August, 2010.

“L’ombre des choses”: Richard-Max Tremblay. April 29th – June 5th, 2010. “L’Amérique de Jane”: Bonnie Baxter. March 10th – April 24th, 2010.

“I Want To Be Here With You”: Juliana Pivato. January 14th – February 27th, 2010. “Abracadabra”: Sylvie Bouchard. November 4th – December 19th, 2009.

“Cinq Photographies”: Vincent Lafrance. September 9th – October 31st, 2009.

“Material World”: Juliana Pivato, Carmen Rusciensky, Richard-Max Tremblay. July 2nd – August 8th, 2009.

“The Looking Room”: Lorraine Simms. May 21st – June 29th, 2009.

“New Logic”: Barry Allikas. April 9th – May 16th, 2009.

“Demarcations”: Amber Albrecht. February 28th – April 4th, 2009.

“A Brief History of Time”: Christian Knudsen. January 15th – February 26th, 2009.

“MFA Thesis Exhibition”:s Rawi Hage. January 4th – January 11th, 2009.

“The Promise of Reality”: Cheryl Sourkes, Marion Wagschal. November 27th – December 30th, 2008.

“Nature Immobile”: Vincent Lafrance. October 15th – November 22nd, 2008.

“Au-Delà du Réel?”: Eric Simon. September 2nd – October 11th, 2008.

“Images of Romantic Distress and Consolation”: Shawn Kuruneru, Vincent Lafrance, Katie Lyle, Natalie Reis, Lorraine Simms. July 3rd – August 2nd, 2008.

“Team Studio”: Amber Albrecht, Katie Dutton, Allison Freeman, David Laquerre, Rosemary Scanlon. May 30th – June 28th, 2008.

“Prismatic Spray”: Barry Allikas, Leslie Bell, Sonia Haberstich, Pierre Julien, Russell Tyler. April 24th – May 24th, 2008.

Curatorial Projects:

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran
“Come As You Are”
Summer 2017, Montreal, QC.

Galerie Lillian Rodriguez
“Laura Findlay”
January 2015, Montreal, QC

Galerie Lofts Griffintown
“Fabrications”: Laura Anderson, David Arseneau, Pierre Julien, Mathieu Levesque, Simone Rochon, Jonathan Schuela.
Montreal, QC., November 2013.

Galerie SAS, Belgo Building
"Voices of Fire: towards a post Postmodern theory of abstraction": Ashleigh Bartlett, Scott Bertram, Sarah Cale, Megan Hepburn, Pierre Julien.
Montreal, QC, March 2011.

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Selected Writing

Leopold Plotek, Border Crossings, 2017.
Eliza Griffiths, Border Crossings, 2017.
Nika Fontaine, Border Crossings, 2017.
Ted Barker, Border Crossings, 2017.
Francoise Sullivan, Edition Simon Blais, 2016.
Liz Magor, Border Crossings, 2016.
Edmund Alleyn, Border Crossings, 2016.
Adam McEwen, Border Crossings, 2016.
Martin Golland, Border Crossings, 2015.
Dana Schutz, Thinking About Dana Schutz, Musee d’art contemporain, 2015. 
Michael Williams, Yard Salsa, Border Crossings, 2015.
Harold Klunder, Aquarelle. Edition Simon Blais, 2012.
Jean-Sebastian Denis, catalog text. Edition Simon Blais, 2011.

Awards and Scholarships

SSHRC, Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Quebec FQRSC Graduate Scholarship

RBC National Painting Competition Semi-Finalist

Concordia University Guido Molinari Prize in Studio Arts